Rooted in Christ to Love, Grow and Serve – Colossians 2:7

Resource Development

The Resource Development Team consists of the:

  • The Property Team whose responsibility is to maintain Salem’s equipment, buildings and grounds. This team works with all other teams ensuring that Salem’s’ buildings and grounds are available for all programs offered at Salem.
  • Human Resource Team whose responsibility is to manage all Salem employees, this team develops job descriptions, performs employee evaluations along with the President of the SLC, and manages any employee conflicts.
  • Finance/Stewardship Team whose responsibility is to ensure that member’s contributions are used as legally designated.  This team reviews the proposed budget from all Teams and presents the proposed budget to the SLC for approval to be presented at the annual meeting.  The stewardship responsibility is not only dealing with finances, but the use of all members’ time and talents to be used for the glory of God and Salem.
  • Video/Tech Team responsibility is to prepare and perform all of the necessary technical work to enhance the Sunday worship service.  This team is also responsible for developing the new Salem Website.
  • Cemetery Team is responsible for managing Salem’s’ church cemetery located at the original site of the church.  Please call the church office to be connected to the Sexton of the Cemetery on inquiries to purchase gravesites.
  • Columbarium Team is responsible for managing Salem’s’ columbarium.  A request to purchase a niche can be filled out on line and forwarded to the church office.