Rooted in Christ to Love, Grow and Serve – Colossians 2:7


Weekly Maintenance Tasks

Our team has had a very busy year in 2015 . Keeping up with our weekly needs to keep our facility up and running – includes snow removal, lawn mowing, changing light bulbs, repairing the plumbing fixtures, tree/stump removal, servicing the existing ventilation units, helping with landscaping. The team has been busy making room changes within our building to serve the needs of our members and community effectively. By making the changes, a nursery will be available. There will be a new conference room, a classroom for the pastor, new entry storage room, and new outside entry storage. There was a lot of organizing and cleaning done in the existing classrooms/storage areas.

Major Projects

Along with all the daily maintenance, we have been working with contractors, getting quotes and awarding contracts to complete the following major projects: Sanctuary window replacement along with window tinting, power washing and painting of the church, gazebo, and garage, removing and replacing the kitchen flooring and serving area flooring in Fellowship Hall, replacing the existing soffit lighting with new LED lighting.

We thank you for all your participation and hopefully this brought to you more than just completing a task. There will be many opportunities for the coming year.