Rooted in Christ to Love, Grow and Serve – Colossians 2:7


A Message from our Pastor

Whether you are dealing with an unexpected death or shared your loved one’s final moments after a long illness, the death of a loved one often leaves us feeling numb and bewildered. Those left to mourn often find themselves not only incredibly sad, but also facing numerous decisions and tasks. One of those tasks is often the planning of a funeral or memorial service.

After you contact the funeral home of your choice to care for your loved one’s remains, you will be invited to meet with the funeral home within the next 24 hours. They will guide you in planning a funeral that will honor your loved one.

After you have met with the funeral home, it is customary to contact the pastor who will be leading the service and set up a time to meet to discuss the order of the worship service that will celebrate your loved one’s life and life eternal in Christ. Unless pre-arrangements have been made, plan on meeting for at least an hour, as we choose scripture readings, hymns or songs, and worship format.

You need not make any decisions prior to meeting with the pastor. However, if your loved one made notes about their wishes for their funeral, favorite poems, readings, or other items that might assist us in creating a meaningful service, please have those available when we meet.

Grief is different for every person and will ‘catch our breath’ when we are least expecting it, but you are not alone. God is with you, understands, and has promised to give you strength (Ps 27:7), to comfort you (Ps 119:76), to give you peace (Ps 29:11), and to catch your tears (Ps 56:8). We are deeply sorry for you loss and want you to know that we are here for you, not only for a day but for as long as you need.

In God’s Grace and Peace,  Pastor Trish

Service Considerations

Salem’s pastor will meet with you to plan a funeral service that will celebrate and honor your loved one’s life and faith. We will talk about music, readings, prayers, and ways to make your loved one’s funeral comforting and encouraging for all who will be attending. Unless prearrangements have been made, please contact Salem’s pastor to arrange to meet as soon as possible, after you have met with the funeral home.

Military Honors

Serving in the military is a significant and important part of a person’s life, and is many times also a great sacrifice. The casket may be covered with a United States flag during the funeral service and full military honors bestowed upon the deceased as is deemed appropriate by military regulations. If the deceased has served in the military from another country, military honors and the draping of the flag need to be approved by Salem’s Servant Leadership Council.

Procession of the Cross, Paschal Candle, and Bible

The cross, paschal (Christ) candle, and Bible may be processed into the sanctuary immediately before the casket/urn, and the bereaved. This procession reminds us that Jesus goes before us in death (cross), gives us eternal life (candle), and we are encouraged and sustained by the Word (Bible).


All music to be played before, during or following the service needs to be approved by Salem’s pastor and/or organist/pianist.


Bulletins are provided and produced by Salem. We will print the order of worship and list the names of those participating in the service. We have a variety of covers for you to choose from, or you may provide a photo or picture we can use to create a cover. We do not usually print the eulogy in the bulletin, as this usually printed in the folders provided by the funeral home.


You are welcome to leave one or two arrangements or live plants in memory of your loved one at Salem. We will tend to them as long as possible but reserve the right to disperse or dispose of the flowers, plants and/or containers as needed. Please arrange for the removal of flowers, plants and memorabilia the day of the funeral.

Sanctuary and Lobby Décor/Displays

Placement of display tables, easels, mementos, etc. in church sanctuary, lobby or fellowship hall, need to be approved by Salem pastor or one of Salem’s Funeral Ministry committee members.  Please contact the church to reach these members.


Salem Women are pleased to assist you by serving a reception following the service.  Please contact the church for additional information.


Please contact the church for the current fee schedule.