Rooted in Christ to Love, Grow and Serve – Colossians 2:7

Food Shelf

Our main objective is to have food and personal items available for those in need. We give out food and supplies to about 100 families or 360 individuals. The summer of 2015 we again had 300 kids packs to help them with lunch during the summer. We pay approximately $3.50 per pack. The Food Shelf has applied for and received grants to help with all program costs. We give out 25 nap boxes plus 3 pounds of cheese to senior citizens in need to help them through the month.

Jackets, coats, and furniture are distributed when they become available. Produce from the garden which is located behind the food shelf and maintained by volunteer gardeners and bread from stores is also given out as it becomes available.

 Our aim as always is to make them smile with us as we visit with them.