Rooted in Christ to Love, Grow and Serve – Colossians 2:7

Learning Ministry Team

Sunday School:    2016 has been another exciting year of growth for the Learning Ministry. Our Sunday School program has moved to meeting once a month at church and activity packets sent to the youth’s homes so the learning can continue in the home with their families. Families have voiced how this has helped in their busy schedules to allow them to involve everyone in the household in learning, strengthening their faith and family time. With these changes we have been able to reach out to over 24 families.

Confirmation the youth met on Wednesday night with Pastor Trish. There were 3 youth with one completing her class time and is going to be confirmed in October.

New Members: We have started to welcome new members with an informational dessert time. At this time the candidates have the opportunity to learn about many of our action teams, ask questions of how their talents can be used within our congregation and meet others. We hope to continue this about 2 times a year but will increase this opportunity as the need arises.

Adult Education:  Our Adult Education Opportunity has been very active in studying the books of the bible and current issues. They meet on Wednesday at 4 and is open to everyone. The group has been led by many different members of the group and has encouraged a large variety of discussion.

Vacation Bible School:  This year our VBS program explored the issue of hunger, its causes and what our responsibility are to our neighbors. Luther Dell councilors joined our wonderful volunteers to present the program from the ELCA to 50 youth. The week was topped off with a musical program and a thank you picnic for our volunteers.

The biggest change this year was the expansion of our library/conference room to a family room.  With the addition of some furniture, some toys, a changing area, parents with fussy children can attend to the child’s needs and still participate in service. The action team added some of the archives from the church’s history. There will be some locked glass cabinets to safe guard the more priceless items, along with a fireplace to make the room more relaxing, just like sitting in your living room, for conversations or just to get away or meditate. This room has many possibilities to support our congregation and community. Come and look around and see all the possibilities.

The learning ministry has had a year of growth and is looking forward to see what this coming year will bring. With your prayers and God’s guidance the possibilities are endless. If you would like more information on how you can use your talents, please contact the office and someone will contact you, everyone is welcome.

Beth Tobiason, Learning Ministry Team Facilitator